The Best Valentine’s Day Date Fashion, Based On Your Astrological Sign

Sartorial decision making, made easy.

Our astrological sign can say a lot about our sense of style, but it can also guide our choices to help us feel our best and most confident self. This comes especially handy on days like Valentine’ Day, which can come fraught with pressure, anxiety and expectations.

To help guide sartorial decision making we turned to Lauren DeGolia, celebrity astrologer and cosmic consultant, and asked her to give us fashion advice for the day of love, based on each sign.

Affectionate Aries

“As the zodiac’s first sign, we know that you love to initiate. This Valentine’s Day you have permission to take the reins on the plans and remember an outfit to match. Desire rules your sign, which means texture, colors and sensations are important to consider when picking out attire. Stick with reds and toss a statement pair of heels or a handbag in for an extra pop. Cheers to letting your confident style do the talking.”

Tender Taurus

“We know that love and loyalty are most important to you this Valentine’s Day. Double down on luxuries by accessorizing with your favorite pieces or mixing and matching to experiment with different styles. Playing with bold colors and textures showcases your flirty nature, which will naturally turn your v-day date up a notch. Whatever you do, make sure your Valentine’s Day style makes you feel your best. We know you cherish that above any aesthetic.”

Glorious Gemini

“Try curating your Valentine’s date fashion around a theme or era that represents love to you. Keep it flirty by emphasizing your playful fashion sense, and don’t be afraid to try new combinations and incorporate statement pieces. A chunky necklace? Yes, please. A conversation-starting scarf? Why not. As a natural communicator, selecting pieces that make you stand out will be a great way to start a conversation.”

The Best Valentine’s Day Date Fashion, Based On Your Astrological Sign
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Charming Cancer

“Pair silks or materials that flow with cashmere this Valentine’s Day to help accentuate your femininity. Simplicity is the name of the game when picking your date outfit because we know you appreciate things that aren’t overly fussy. Spend a little time crafting a smokey eye or a sassy, bold lip to complete your outfit. Carve out a little extra time to get ready. It’ll help you tap into the frequency of your date and make everything flow more smoothly.”

Luminous Leo

“Shine your light this Valentine’s Day by rocking a fun and playful style. As the braveheart of the zodiac, we know you lead with your heart, so let’s make sure your date night attire matches that vibe. Spice things up with faux leather, velvet, or fringe and a pop color with hearts on it. Add some fun to your date by adding an element of surprise; fashion, an activity… or something else.”

Vivacious Virgo

“Express your love through fashion as you plan your perfect Valentine’s date. Stick with pieces that give you a little more structure but incorporate your feminine energy. A corset or lacey tank under a jacket with fabulous lines? Bring it on! Sassy boots with a classic skirt? Let’s go! We know you love chic above everything. Stick with things that work and turn them up a notch to add a little spice.”

The Best Valentine’s Day Date Fashion, Based On Your Astrological Sign
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Lavish Libra

“Permission to make your Valentine’s date outfit equal parts flirty and sophisticated. We know you love to keep things in balance and date night is no different. Pair a romantic dress with a structured sweater or accessory to equalize your outfit’s masculine and feminine energy. Mix in a few heart prints, and don’t forget to sprinkle your love around like confetti.”

Sultry Scorpio

“Unlock the mystery of your Valentine’s Day date by planning your (and maybe your date’s) outfit ahead of time. Opt for the higher vibe pieces in your closet by choosing ones that make you feel your best or that you have positive memories attached to. Mix in some intense reds with darker hues to create a festive look that is uniquely you. Don’t forget a bold lip or a smokey eye to take your look up a notch.”

Saucy Sagittarius

“Remember that style reflects who you are and what you stand for, so sprinkle some sparkle into your date night outfit this Valentine’s Day. Whether its sequins, metallic accent details or accessories, be confident in how you dress and let your style reflect your individuality and self-expression. Focus on fun for your date night activities, and let love carry you through the evening.”

Captivating Capricorn

“Plan your date around pleasure and play and pick an outfit to match the occasion. Pair classic jeans with a silky blouse and some statement shoes to keep your look fun but sophisticated. We know you have impeccable taste, but being flirty sometimes means letting things be a little out of the ordinary. Remember Valentine’s accents. A few hearts peppered into your outfit go a long way in turning up the lovely vibes this season.”

Adoring Aquarius

“Mix and match your Valentine’s Day vibes with an outfit that sparks conversation. Bold Patterns? Heck Yes. Out-of-this-world shoes? Why not! Since communication is your love language, incorporate pieces that have a special meaning or history to you or the ones you love. While you’re at it, add some vibrant Valentine’s flair and bring some to share with friends to create a community of love.”

Provocative Pisces

“We know you love love, and that romance is your jam! This Valentine’s day, romanticize your look with a wardrobe fit for a queen. Use your imagination to create a layered look that makes you feel sexy and confident. This isn’t about dressing up for your date; far from it. Mix and match luxurious laces, silks, and a killer pair of heels for the best results. And don’t forget your crown!”

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