Test Automation Guilds: Advancing Excellence in Testing

Explore the enrichment of test engineers or SDETs, and the establishment of a collective force dedicated to advancing excellence in testing.

Have you ever found yourself in the position of a test engineer embedded in one of the Agile engineering teams? While you have daily interactions with peers, connecting with them on a profound level for the successful execution of job duties might be challenging. Although there is a shared goal to release features successfully, we often experience isolation, especially while others, like developers, find comfort within the team. In the realm of dispersed Agile teams with time zones adding an extra layer of complexity, the longing for a team to resonate with, connect with, and brainstorm on all test automation challenges is prevalent.

In the expansive landscape of test automation, the creation of an automation guild is more than just collaboration; it stands as a testament to the resilience of SDETs working across diverse time zones and Agile teams. Through this guide, I aim to share the benefits and challenges overcome, the enrichment of test engineers or SDETs, and the establishment of a collective force dedicated to advancing excellence in testing.

Breaking Silos

In a world where time zones separate teams and Agile methodologies dictate the rhythm of development, test engineers face a unique challenge. Even though they are part of an Agile team with a shared goal, i.e., successful release, they must navigate independently without a clear direction or purpose. The guild, however, becomes a bridge across these temporal gaps, offering a platform for asynchronous collaboration. It not only allows them to demo their progress, accomplishments, and new utility that can be leveraged by others but also their challenges and blockers. It will surprise you to see how often those obstacles are common among other guild members. Now that they have each other, all heads come together to brainstorm and find common, effective solutions for any testing problem.

Fostering Through Training and Contribution

As important as regular guild meet-ups and collective commitment are, continuous learning and training initiatives are equally vital to empower test engineers to contribute effectively. From workshops on emerging testing methodologies to skill-building webinars, the guild evolves into a learning haven where members grow together, ensuring each test engineer is equipped to make a meaningful impact.

It enhances members’ efficiency by reducing redundant efforts. Understanding what others are working on and what tools are available for use, such as common utilities and shared definitions, enables them to save time by avoiding duplication of efforts and contribute more effectively. This isn’t just about individual efficiency; it’s a strategic move toward collective empowerment.

Grow Your Network and Your Profile

Within the guild, networking is not confined to individual teams. It offers the creation of a network that spans across Agile teams, allowing Test Engineers to understand overall solutions from diverse perspectives. This isn’t just about sharing knowledge; it’s about broadening domain knowledge. Turning new members into seasoned members who can then mentor new juniors, ensuring that the guild is not just a community but a mentorship ecosystem that thrives on collective wisdom.

If there’s one aspect that has been repeatedly demonstrated in the guild, it would be that challenges are not roadblocks but opportunities for innovation and collaboration. The guild stands as a testament to the fact that, even in the world of test automation, where distances and time zones pose challenges, excellence can be achieved through collective strength.

Automation guild is not just about crafting code; it’s about crafting a community that advances excellence in testing, collectively and collaboratively. The future, as envisioned through the chronicles, is one where Test Engineers, regardless of time zones, work seamlessly in a guild that stands as a beacon of innovation, knowledge-sharing, and collective growth.

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