The Need-To-Know Spring/Summer 2023 Bridal Trends

With Bridal Fashion Week upon us we reached out to industry insiders and asked them to dish trends for the…

With Bridal Fashion Week upon us we reached out to industry insiders and asked them to dish trends for the season and beyond.

Think Princess Di

“The big over the top Disney style princess ball gown style dress is making a comeback! More is more, these days that seems to be how everything is these days, from lashes to wedding dresses from designers like Ellie Saab,” says style expert and founder of Swiminista, Andréa Bernholtz.

Beads beads beads

“Stones and beading is everywhere. It’s not just for slight details anymore, full blown from head to toe is making its way down the aisle. Lots of extra time is needed for alterations and be expected to wear a heavy dress all night,” says Bernholtz.

The long and short of it

“I call this trend the Mullett of wedding gowns. Think short dress with a long train, still elegant, modern and easy to dance in. Monique Lhuillier does this trend very well,” says Bernholtz.

Strapless and lingerie styles

“This is the season of the sexy bride. No need to buy lingerie, just remove the skirt from your corset and your honeymoon ready. Incorporating other trends like beading and high low hems can be added into this season’s other trends,” says Bernholtz.

Unexpected fabrics

“These will also be popping up this season, maybe the entire dress is made out of, for example, tulle or lame. Keeping it white of course but new textures puts a modern spin on the classic styles, “says Bernholtz.

3D florals

“Nothing says feminine, beautiful elegance like being adorned in gorgeous floral decals that follow you down every step of the aisle. Many designers have been showcasing gorgeous 3D floral elements to their 2023 styles,” says fashion stylist Chantelle Hartman Malarkey.

Sheer dresses

“Tasteful transparency is a big trend this season. Light and airy that looks and feels like a calming breeze as you stride down the aisle. Comfort is in, no one wants a dress to weigh them down on a dance floor,” says Malarkey.

Asymmetrical necklines

“A simple way to stand out is with an asymmetrical neckline because it’s non-traditional, yet sophisticated and fashion-forward,” says Malarkey.

Draped in jewels

“This trend brings elevated elegance and a high-end luxurious touch to make you feel like the jewel of a bride that you are,” says Malarkey.

Shorter hems

“Cute, posh stray away from traditional long hemlines that drag down the aisle. A short hem creates a fun, active bride. Not to mention, it’s trending,” says Malarkey.

Unique twists

“The most exciting brands I see are trending with plunging necklines, sleeves and short hems, but they do not stop there. They add jumpsuits, suits, capes, veils and patterns. One to note and watch is the husband-wife duo Cucculelli Shaheen. They have an impressive collection, reflected in the price tag, but definitely the most stunning designs I have seen to-date in bridal. Their styles vary from printed pant suits, to two-piece bustier-skirt ensembles, long and mini length embellished dress varieties and capes to accompany many of the styles. The level of fashion from this brand is unparalleled in my opinion and allows a bride to really stand out,” says owner and design director of La Peony, Melony Huber

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