The Best Jeans For “Every” Body Type

When it comes to denim skip the trends and go with what works best for your body. 

Jean trends ebb and flow, but when it comes to denim it’s best to go with what works best for you. 

While specific cuts will work better than others based on body shape, whether you’re tall, average or petite also comes into play. Brands like Old Navy are fantastic to shop because their jean styles come in various lengths. Similarly all of the denim styles mentioned come in various levels of stretch depending on the brand you’re shopping. Go with what feels comfortable to YOU. Stretchy options are great if you prioritize comfort, while rigid denim is best for those that prioritize their jeans retaining shape and fit.

With that in mind keep reading for a look at what styles work based on your body shape. In the end, however, it’s always good to remember to go with our gut and just because a boyfriend-style jean may work particularly well for an “apple body,” doesn’t mean a “pear body” shouldn’t slip into a pair if that’s their vibe.


The Best Jeans For “Every” Body Type

Apple-shaped bodies have shoulders and bust areas that are larger than the hips, which tend to be narrow. This shape does well with jeans that draw attention to the legs, which can be done with a “boyfriend” style (as pictured above from Rag & Bone) as well as with a “skinny” style. Basically, the best bet here is to go on either end of the spectrum as far as denim width.


The Best Jeans For “Every” Body Type

Hourglass-shaped bodies’ signatures are hips and busts that appear to measure equal in size while also having a narrow waist. Straight leg jeans (like the Grlfrnd ones pictured above) work great here. This style is also a nice compromise between boyfriend and skinny styles as you can show off curves while still maintaining comfort, especially if you opt for a stretch denim – i.e. apple-shaped bodies can consider it as well.


The Best Jeans For “Every” Body Type

Pear-shaped bodies have their hips and bottom wider than their shoulders and bust. Flare jeans (the ones above are Good American), are a great option for this body type. The reason flares – which also work double duty because they’re one of the most statement making styles – work so well for pears is because the volume below the knee helps balance out wide hips, while accentuating the curves of the body.


The Best Jeans For “Every” Body Type

If you’re pregnant now is the time to opt for comfort. Ingrid+Isabel (pictured above) is great because they don’t sacrifice style for stretch. Their denim will work throughout your pregnancy as you grow and through your 4th trimester as you recover thanks to a panel which can be worn up for full belly coverage or folded down for extra hold. As for sizing, just select you pre-pregnancy size. Trust that non-maternity jeans are really the one thing practically no one can get away with wearing when pregnant.

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