The Ultimate List Of The Most Comfortable Pairs of Women’s Underwear

We cover “every” style and price point.

Uncomfortable clothing can take a mood from 100 to 0, and that’s especially true with underwear. Not only can ill-fitting bottoms pinch and tug, they can impact the look and fit of what is being worn over them.

Moreover, while pairs of underwear aren’t typically seen as investments unless you’re opting for triple-digit priced ones from the likes of La Perla or Agent Provocateur, comfortable pairs actually tend to last yeaaars despite the constant washes that come with heavy rotation…. that’s an investment in our book!

From classic frugal brands like Hanes to newfangled favorites like Skims, we’ve rounded up the best pairs of underwear for women – all of which are comfortable and will suit a variety of styles, whether you’re looking for full coverage, skimpy, paper thin or something quirky.

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